Pre Kindergarten

Due to the odd hours, parents with working schedules find it difficult to pick up their children from elementary or middle school. Careful Hands understands this and provides aftercare for students from those schools.

Careful Hands is a daycare and afterschool program that caters to the needs of working parents and is affordable for everyone. With this service, children are provided with homework help, dinner, snacks, and a safe place to play while their parents complete daily tasks.

Careful Hands Daycare provides a safe and nurturing place for children to play while their parents work or run errands. Given the skyrocketing prices of daycare centers, this program is an excellent alternative for working parents. Children gain self-confidence through activities that promote social skills, physical development, and intellectual stimulation.

Our Pre-K Features

A Teacher Admiring The Children's Art Work

More about Careful Hands Pre-Kindergarten

Careful Hands Pre-Kindergarten Program is structured to be tailored and individualized to your child’s specific needs. Children learn to exercise their curiosity and skills of observation and inquiry to develop their interests and follow academic instruction. Even with a structured classroom format, our program is tailored to fulfill the unique educational needs of your child.

With our curriculum as the foundation, we encourage children not just with free play but by fostering an environment of exploration in everything from math counting, art reading, social studies, science learning through discovery and playing music. Our teachers reflect this philosophy by encouraging children to try new things, build on their strengths and solve problems.

With certified teachers, small class sizes, individualized attention and a nurturing environment, we ensure that your child will benefit from the highest quality Pre-Kindergarten education.