Welcome to
Shahnaz Family

We believe in creating a nurturing and healthy learning environment for your child from the very start of their lives.

Welcome to Shahnaz Family Childcare

We believe in creating a nurturing and healthy learning environment for your child from the very start of their lives.

Our Programs‚Äč for Your Kids

Our programs are designed with your child's developmental stages in mind. One of the many things that set our daycare apart is the unique educational programs we offer. We take great care to provide a stimulating learning environment for your child. The goal is to help children reach their full potential while also providing an enriching experience and an avenue for learning and exploration. We offer daycare programs catering to children as young as four weeks old. In addition, our preschool programs are for children from 3 years to 6 years old, and the afterschool program is for children from 6- 13 years of age.

At Shahnaz Family Childcare, we have an app called brightwheel that engages parents in the development of their kids. We use this to communicate between parents and teachers about what your child is learning and doing so you won't miss out on anything. We also provide free diapers and wipes daily as well as hot meals for your little ones.

Daycare Program

Our daycare program is designed to support your child as they pass through the many developmental stages of growing up. We consider the needs of each child and provide a stimulating environment that helps them reach their full potential.

Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program is designed to prepare the students for a more formal learning environment. The program offers an important opportunity for children to socialize with their peers and gain confidence in themselves, which will be essential as they transition into kindergarten.

After School Program

Our Before and After School Program is designed to provide children with a safe and stimulating environment while parents are away for the day. The program provides a time for parents to relax and catch up at home, while still giving their children an enriching and engaging experience.

Our vision

Shahnaz Family Childcare aims to create a confident student ready to enter the next phase of academic life. We are committed to providing a strong academic foundation, fun-filled social interaction bound by a disciplined and safe environment. We believe that these are fundamental ingredients for successful early-age growth.

At Preschool age, every child needs an overall development. We designed our curriculum to cater to body, mind, heart, and soul development; a proven academic curriculum that is evolving helps the learning mind.

Fun-filled social interactions support the emotional development of children. Having a disciplined and safe environment channelizes the energy and helps focus. This recipe prepares children for success by making them confident.

What We Do

Why Choose Us

The answer is simple... Because we love kids. We love to see them grow and develop into the little people they are becoming. We love to be there for them and their parents when they need us. We want your child to develop so that they are equipped with all they need when it comes to life. Here at Shahnaz Family Childcare, we want to be a part of your child's life.

Located at the heart of seaTac, WA

Shahnaz Family Childcare Center is within walking distance from many of the houses on the outskirts of SeaTac and neighboring cities. Our childcare center is a safe and loving environment for your child. We are an inclusive and engaged daycare that works to promote the positive development of children.

Unique And Fun Curriculum

Shahnaz Family Childcare Center provides a unique and fun curriculum designed to promote a love of learning. Our program is based on the needs of the children enrolled in our childcare program. We embrace the uniqueness of every child in our program to foster curiosity while also encouraging children to develop their love of learning.

Nurturing and Dedicated Staffs

Our staff are highly skilled in the area of childcare. Shahnaz Family Childcare specializes in providing a safe and educational experience for our students. We offer open-door policy, playtime, nutritious snacks as well as individualized attention with small class sizes to ensure your child is receiving quality care that he or she deserves at such young age.

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