Careful Hands Daycare Program

At SHAHNAZ FAMILY CHILDCARE, we offer daycare for kids from infancy to 13 years old. We have a preschool program for the 3-6-year-olds and an after-school program tailored exclusively to those aged 6-13 who need care until their parents are finished with work or school.

Whether you’re looking for an infant care center or a child care program for your older child, Careful Hands knows that every family has different needs. All of our staff members are qualified and very experienced in handling kids of diverse backgrounds. We understand that every child is unique, and each one has their own particular needs. That’s why we’ll help in any way that we can to provide the best possible care for your child while they’re with us.

What Sets Careful Hands Apart?

Our focus is on quality early education and developing life skills that will help your child succeed in the future. Our experienced staff and proven curriculum will set your mind at ease, as you know your child is in the right hands!

We provide services for infants, toddlers, preschoolers & school-aged children. Our professional and experienced teachers are high classified early childhood educators. We offer a safe, healthy and stimulating environment that is full of fun. Your child will learn in areas such as language, math, and science. Our teachers will also develop your child’s social skills by developing their ability to get along with others.

Program Features

Finger painting